Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Inframan (1975)

Directed by Shan Hua.


All The Colors Of The Dark (1972)

Soundtrack - Bruno Nicolai

Directed by Sergio Martino.

Starring George Hilton and Edwige Fenech.


The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982)

Directed by Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow.


Don't Go In The Woods (1982)

Directed by James Bryan.


Syndicate Sadists (1975)

Watch the entire movie here

Directed by Umberto Lenzi.

Starring Tomas Milian and Joseph Cotton.


Theater Of Blood (1973)

Directed by Douglas Hickox. Starring Vincent Price.


Neon Maniacs (1986)

Directed by Joseph Mangine.


El Topo (1970)

Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Starring Alejandro Jodorowsky.


Barbarella (1968)

Directed by Roger Vadim. Starring Jane Fonda and Anita Pallenberg.


Antropophagus (1980) aka The Grim Reaper aka The Zombies Rage

Watch the full movie here!

Directed by Joe D'Amato

Starring Tisa Farrow and George Eastman


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ilsa, The Tigress of Siberia (1977)

Directed by Jean LaFleur. Starring Dyanne Thorne.


Perversion Story (1969) aka One On Top Of The Other

Directed by Lucio Fulci. Starring Jean Sorel and Marisa Mell.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Bride of Re-Animator (1990) UK trailer

Directed by Brian Yuzna. Starring Jeffrey Combs.


Night Train Murders (1975)

Directed by Aldo Lado.


Who Saw Her Die? (1972)

Directed by Aldo Lado. Starring George Lazenby and Anita Strindberg.


The Evil That Men Do (1984)

Directed by J. Lee Thompson. Starring Charles Bronson.


10 to Midnight (1983)

Directed by J. Lee Thompson. Starring Charles Bronson.


Rabid Dogs (1974) aka Kidnapped

Directed by Mario Bava.


Blood Of The Iron Maiden aka Is This Trip Really Necessary? (1970)

Directed by Ben Benoit.


Riot On Sunset Strip (1967)

Directed by Arthur Dreifuss. Starring Aldo Ray and Mimsy Farmer.


Night Of The Seagulls (1975)

Directed by Amando de Ossorio.


Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

Directed by Dan O'Bannon. Starring Clu Gulager and James Karen.


Day Of The Dead (1985)

Teaser Trailer

Japanese Trailer

German Teaser Trailer

Soundtrack: John Harrison - The Dead Suite

Directed by George A. Romero

Starring Lori Cardille, Joseph Pilato, Sherman Howard and Richard Liberty


Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Evictors (1979)

Directed by Charles B. Pierce. Starring Vic Morrow, Jessica Harper and Michael Parks.


The House On Sorority Row (1983)

Directed by Mark Rosman.

Zombie 4: After Death (1988)

Directed by Claudio Fragasso.

Zombie (1979)

Directed by Lucio Fulci. Starring Tisa Farrow and Ian McCulloch.


Execution (1968)

Directed by Domenico Paolella.

El Desperado (1967)

Directed by Franco Rossetti.

Race With The Devil (1975)

Directed by Jack Starrett. Starring Peter Fonda.


Switchblade Sisters aka The Jezebels (1975)

Directed by Jack Hill.

The Guy From Harlem (1977)

Directed by Rene Martinez Jr.


Stunt Rock (1978)

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.


Sugar Hill (1974)

Directed by Paul Maslansky. Starring Marki Bey and Robert Quarry.


Blast-Off Girls (1967)

Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave (1971)

Directed by Emilio Miraglia.


Eyeball (1975)

Full Movie

Directed by Umberto Lenzi.


My Letterboxd Review:

It seems a lot of people end up disappointed in this movie and I have a theory about that. Most go in expecting a serious giallo and are put off balance by the bright, cheesy, ridiculous vibe of Umberto Lenzi's film. It has more in common with the oncoming American slasher's of the 80's than it does with Dario Argento or Sergio Martino. The very fact that these tourists in Barcelona on a bus tour are getting slaughtered one by one, with their eyes cut out, doesn't seem to make any of them want to leave Barcelona and go home, which is probably the funniest thing about it. The killer doesn't wear an overcoat and black gloves as is the standard, but instead a bright red raincoat with red gloves.

The opening music is a dead giveaway that this is an exercise in Euro Trash rather than a stylish giallo. The dubbing is among the worst you'll ever hear and the characters are right out of Agatha Christie or the Clue board game. To me, this gets better with every viewing. It's terrible in every conventional sense but it makes me happy when I watch it. It fits alongside "bad" Euro classics like Bloody Moon, Pieces or Burial Ground. In short, Eyeball is a misunderstood trash gem that needs to be watched with the proper frame of reference and different expectations.

Inseminoid (1981)

Directed by Norman J. Warren.

Slaughterhouse (1987)

Directed by Rick Roessler.

Don't Answer the Phone! (1980)

Directed by Robert Hammer.

Maniac (1980)

Directed by William Lustig. Starring Joe Spinell.

Stage Fright (1987)

Directed by Michele Soavi.

Ghoulies (1985)

Directed by Luca Bercovici.

Gambling City (1975)

Directed by Sergio Martino.

Contraband (1980) aka The Smuggler

Soundtrack - Fabio Frizzi - Do You Remember?:

Directed by Lucio Fulci

Starring Fabio Testi, Ivana Monti and Guido Alberti


The Jail (2006)

Directed by Bruno Mattei.


Strike Commando 2 (1988)

Directed by Bruno Mattei.


Starcrash (1979)

Directed by Luigi Cozzi. Starring Caroline Munro, Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff.

Food Of The Gods (1976)

Directed by Bert I. Gordon.

Saturday, October 13, 2007