Saturday, October 1, 2011

Massacre Mafia Style aka The Executioner (1978)

Directed by Duke Mitchell

Starring Duke Mitchell, Vic Caesar and Lorenzo Dodo


My Letterboxd Review:

One of my favourite films. I've seen this three times now and it just gets better for me. Duke Mitchell is so sincere and charismatic, yet this movie plays on any level you want. It works as a (sorta) straight crime film. It works as a piece of exploitation. It works as a comedy. The opening scene is a wild piece of cinema as Mitchell and his buddy just cut through an entire office building killing everyone, but find themselves getting emotional and gentle when they run into a kid in an elevator. The whole movie does this juxtaposition so well - pure exploitive violence and sleaze mixed with this sincere attempt to say something about Italians, Catholics and family. Duke also kisses everyone on the lips - his father, friends, women, men, children. He also sings the majority of the songs, directs and narrates the film. It's a hell of a performance overall.

And when Duke gets on a rant, it's epic. "When you go to sleep I want you to sleep with one eye open. 'Cause I'm gonna choke you. I'm gonna choke your mother, I'm gonna choke your father, I'm gonna choke your fucking kids! You understand me? I'm gonna go to the fucking phone book and look up your last name. Everyone who has your last name is gonna get choked too."

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Erin said...

This is great, both the way the title card rips off The Godfather and the odd use of "Tik a Tee Tik a Tay."