Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Random Vintage Ads For Your Enjoyment

"Stop Pay TV 70's"

"Tab Cola For Beautiful People 1982"

"Tommy Burst Detective Set 60's"

"Kentucky Fried Chicken - Plump Young Broilers 1969"

"Good Job Handsome - Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk 70's"

"Spiderman's Webs Are Catch Webs 1980"

"Pizza Hut, Pizza To Go 1983"

"Burger King - Extra Ketchup 70's"

"Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour 1989"

"McDonald's - Growing Up 1978"

"Milky The Marvellous Milking Cow 70's"

"Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation 80's"

"Hostess And Kids Go Together 1976"

"Is The Problem Contagious? Atari 1981"

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