Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Society (1989)

Directed by Brian Yuzna. Starring Billy Warlock. IMDB Yuzna's surrealistic film is one of the best "Rich People Are Actually Monsters" movies out there.

I still have no idea what he was thinking during the truly bizarre last half hour of the movie but it's memorable and entertaining all the same.

Yuzna is probably more famous as being the producer of Re-Animator but I actually like the ones he directed, including 2005's "Beneath Still Waters" which got universally panned by the horror community. His stuff is so singularly weird and atmospheric, even if the plots are kind of whacked. A little like Argento if you think about it.


Erin said...

I've always been intrigued by the box art in which the woman is stretching her face as the mask comes off. Trailer looks nice and gory too.

Keith said...

Great posters and trailer.

Tower Farm said...

I rented this on a totally random Blockbuster trip years ago and remember liking it -- I picked it out mainly because of that great VHS box.

I think it's about time to revisit this...thanks for reminding me!