Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cruel Jaws (1995)

Directed by Bruno Mattei.

Starring David Luther.


A mind-blowing rip-off of Jaws that actually uses footage from Steven Spielberg's movie as well as Jeannot Szwarc's sequel Jaws 2. What's even better is that this re-uses a ton of footage from Enzo G. Castellari's "Great White" from 1980 which was even more of a rip-off of Jaws than this one. In fact, "Great White" was pulled from distribution after Universal sued.

So this is a second-generation rip-off I guess. It was actually marketed as "Jaws 5" in some regions. Genius.

Mattei was responsible for other great Italian schlock like "Hell of the Living Dead", "Violence In A Women's Prison" and the unheralded dystopia film "Rats".

There are many great moments in this trailer, such as when the little girl in the wheelchair is accidentally dumped into the water and the various re-enactments of scenes from Jaws like the little dog who is the Italian version of "Pippet".

Try and figure out how much footage is actually from Jaws (there is a lot).

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Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, enjoyed the trailers a lot! You should try and get hold of 'Revenge of the Ninja", another genius Cannon Films production.